Mexico, a top video games consumer

According to experts, the popularity of video games could be used to promote healthy habits

Mexico is the top video games consumer in Latin America
People have change the way they interact with technology – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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According to a statement released by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), our country is the first consumer of video games in Latin America and the twelfth at a global scale. Experts calculate that half of the population uses them and that they could be used to promote healthy habits.

Gamers, who are they?

Experts explain that video games have constant publicity with offers and discounts and that many of them require the users to watch a video in order to get to a new level. Publicity is also present in tournaments, through influencers and live streamings that include commercials.

“Companies, mainly of junk foods, find in video games a way to communicate with new audiences and generating content since these products are generally related to happiness,” said Adolfo Gracia Vázquez and Emmanuel Galicia Martínez from the Politic and Social Sciences Faculty.

Did you know Mexico has en eSports federation?

“There’s a series of elements that contribute to this situation: We live in a consumerist society in which having more is reflected in eating habits. In addition, there is a change in media consumption. People spend hours in front of a screen and social networks,” said Gracia Vázquez.

Despite this, they add that not all video games are bad and eSports are currently highly popular among gamers. E-tournaments are very attractive to gamers and are one of the most important businesses and have one of the biggest growths in this area.

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American scientists made a study of 46 children between 10 and 12 years old. A group had access to video games that implied movement and the others sat in front of a screen. The first team reduced their body mass by 3% and their cholesterol by 7%, while the second team’s increased. From these results, in Mexico, we could use video games to control and manage obesity in children, as proposed by the experts.

Did you know the University of Guadalajara now offers a Videogame Engineering degree?


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