Mexico shuns clean and renewable energies

Mexico has received major backlash after unveiling its new energy policy based on fossil fuels

Mexico shuns clean and renewable energies
The Mexican government argues that renewable energies are not trustworthy because they depend on meteorological conditions - Photo: Michael Sohn/AP
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The United Nations Environment Programme is concerned about Mexico after it unveiled a new energy policy, which seems like a step backward regarding environmental protection since it relies on fossil fuels and the eventual reduction or cancelation of its renewable and clean energy projects.

Although the government has tried to discredit clean energies and emphasized its intention to continue using polluting technologies, Mexico is among the 15 countries with the most important renewable energy projects; however, it is behind other countries in Latin America, such as Chile. 

The current federal government forgets that this is not only about cutting costs or saving money especially since it signed international agreements to lower its pollution levels. 
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Although the UNEP acknowledged that this problem is not exclusive to Mexico and that many other countries have stopped investing in renewable energies as a consequence of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on their economies. However, Mexico was the only country that issued new policies to revert the progress achieved in the past.

The Mexican government argues that renewable energies, especially eolic, are not trustworthy because they depend on unstable meteorological conditions. Nevertheless, experts were surprised by the argument and say that technology considers all these possibilities, and experts have created transmission and storage mechanisms.

Furthermore, the Mexican government’s new policy will harm investment and will set the precedent that Mexico does not respect its business and environment agreements.

On the other hand, the alleged savings mentioned by the government do not exist, and on the contrary, it will lose USD 44,000 million on investment and 81,500 jobs, besides the compensations Mexico will be forced to pay foreign investors once contracts are canceled. 

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