Mexico conquers Frontenis World Cup

The X Frontenis World Cup was held in Tenerife, Spain last week

Mexico conquers Frontenis World Cup
The Mexican team succeeded despite the obstacles – Photo: Martín Venegas/EL UNIVERSAL
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Despite the lack of support from Conade to the frontenis Mexican team, the Mexican players conquered the Sub-22 Frontenis World Cup in Tenerife, Spain.

The pair made up of Yael Hernández and Jean André Raya defeated the Spanish pair in three sets, with scores 15-12, 13-15, and 8-10.

The first set was difficult. The Mexicans lost the 4 points advantage they had and the local pair got the advantage in the score.

Nevertheless, the determination of the Mexicans was essential to win the championship. Although there were imprecisions during the second set, they overcame a disadvantage of 5 points with which they were able to balance the match.

For the third set, mistakes were on the part of the Spanish, and with an unsuccessful move of the racket by the Spanish forward, the Mexican team won the match and got the gold medal.

Thereon, Hernández commented: “They are wrong in giving us no support. They should give us more support, considering it is a sport that has given Mexico a lot of satisfaction.”

“Today, Mexico won despite the difficulties we faced. We got into the situation and we faced it well. We won,” stated the player.

On the other hand, in the final of the women’s cup, the Mexican pair made up of María Fernanda Noriega and Ximena Plácito, defeated the Spanish pair in two sets, without obstacles, taking advantage of the lack of concentration of their rivals.


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