Mexican artist Javier Arévalo passes away
Javier Arévalo was 82 years old - Photo: Taken from Mexico’s Culture Ministry’s Twitter account

Mexican artist Javier Arévalo passes away

Mexico City
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Javier Arévalo’s work is an important referent in Mexican contemporary plastic arts

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Mexican artist Javier Arévalo (Guadalajara 1937-2020) whose work is an important referent in Mexican contemporary plastic arts, passed away this Wednesday at 82 years old.

So was reported by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) in a statement in which it added that Arévalo was part of the Mexican Plastic Arts Hall, exhibited his work at the Modern Art Museum, and presented a retrospective of his production at the Palace of Fine Arts in 1999.

The institution said that Arévalo showed talent for painting and calligraphy from a young age and began his professional career in 1957 with his enrollment at Guadalajara’s Arts and Literature School. His work has been exhibited in Latin America, the United States, Russia, Canada, and France.

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“The Culture Ministry and its institutions mourn the decease of Javier Arévalo, an artist from Jalisco whose work portrayed the magic of the reality surrounding him and that captivated multiple cultural venues both in Mexico and abroad,” said the Culture Ministry on its Twitter account.

In 1961, Arévalo moved to Mexico City to continue his studies at the San Carlos National Plastic Arts School and participated in the Engraving Biennial in Córdoba, Argentina, and in 1962 he obtained an honorary mention at Acapulco’s First Pictorial Festival.

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He concluded his studies at the San Carlos Academy, where he won five awards. In 1965, he traveled to Concepción, Chile, where he was part of the work team of muralist Jorge González Camarena and studied with Jorge Martínez, who was José Clemente Orozco’s assistant.

According to the Culture Ministry, Arévalo’s work is based on the popular, a cultural aspect that interested him in particular and that he combined with his knowledge in painting; his work received several awards, such as the First Engraving Award of Tokyo’s Biennial.

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He was appointed director of the Fine Arts department of the Fine Arts School of the Morelia University in Michoacán. He also received the National Painting Award in Guadalajara in 1966, the Acquisition Prize of the Annual Hall of Mexican Plastics in 1969, and the Jalisco Art Award in 2000.

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