Mexican app to provide free healthcare

The mobile application developed by the Mexican company seeks to provide free universal healthcare

Mexican app Docademic to provide free health services worldwide
English 21/11/2018 16:18 Notimex Mexico City Ivan Santiago Actualizada 20:34
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Docademic, a platform for free medical and psychological care that began in Mexico as a way to bring health services to the most forgotten places, now makes its way to the rest of America and Europe.

The mobile application developed by the Mexican company seeks to provide free universal healthcare for all people in the not too distant future.

"We are pioneers in providing telemedicine for the masses, because right now there are people who cannot afford it," said Charles Nader, CEO of the company, in an interview with Notimex.

He said that at Docademic, assistance is offered through video calls, with certified doctors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that, being a basic medical assistance and guidance service, only prescription medications are granted.

"Our goal is to universalize medicine, that means that your data is universalized and has no blockages from one place to another.. We want to universalize health quality. For that we need to offer global health services that do not depend on governments or institutions," he said.

The CEO of said that the platform is a method of medical and mental health guidance that can transform the lives of many people. He added that the application had the potential to save many lives.

According to the company, one of the goals is to end the self-medication trend, because a high percentage of the population self-diagnoses and self-recurs with methods that do not work, are inefficient, or harmful to their health.

Nader explained that they currently had 16 doctors and 12 psychologists in their staff, however, they are in an expansion process to serve 20 million people, which begs the need for new professionals.

He pointed out that they already took this free service to Spain and this month, it will be launched in the United States, while in Canada, regulations to achieve penetration are still being analyzed.

"Despite having started in Mexico, we are already an international company, what we do has international significance and this kind of service had never existed. It is the only one that offers a free model," he said.

Docademic, which seeks to be a reliable source for health care in the comfort of people’s homes, uses artificial intelligence to optimize the system and analyze the data through Blockchain. "We are creating a Blockchain of public health," he said.


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