The many health benefits of tortillas

Tortillas have several nutrition benefits, they have no fat, and have very few calories, among many other benefits

The many health benefits of tortillas
Tortillas are the foundation of Mexican's diet - Photo: Carlos Rojas/EL UNIVERSAL
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Tortillas are the foundation of the Mexican diet since pre-colonial times, and although many people give them up when they start a weight-loss diet, they shouldn't! Since tortillas have many health benefits.

Nutritionist Isaura Cabrera, from the IPN, explains that this is a mistake, as tortillas have several nutrition benefits, they have no fat, and have very few calories, among many other benefits:

1. Fiber
Tortillas are a great source of fiber but in contrast to other foods that also contain fiber, such as cereals or bread, this fiber doesn't contain other ingredients that promote weight gain. Fiber helps to improve gastrointestinal functions.

2. Calcium
Perhaps people don't associate it with calcium, in contrast with milk or yogurt; nevertheless, the nutritionist affirms that it is a great calcium source, and recommends it more than milk: “Milk might have more calcium but it contains other substances such as fat, it is not well absorbed by the body, therefore, it is not as beneficial, in contrast, the calcium in tortillas is almost 100% absorbed.”

3. Folic acid
Tortillas, besides being delicious, have a large amount of folic acid. This vitamin is essential for pregnant women as it helps in the formation of the fetus' nervous system. And even if you're not pregnant, it provides healthier nails, hair, and skin.

4. Low in calories
A tortilla only adds between 30 and 60 calories to your diet but this is not all. All the calories will be used by your body since these calories come from nutrients. So, if you're on a diet, eat one or two tortillas and make sure the filling is a healthy one. “Tortillas don't make you gain weight, what does are what we put inside it,” says the expert.

5. Vitamin B-complex
It contains vitamins that are essential for cellular metabolism, which is essential for the body. Some of these vitamins are thiamine, niacin, and pyridoxine.

6. Energy
Since it contains a large number of carbohydrates, it is a great source of energy but it doesn’t come from sugar, therefore, you don't gain weight.

7. Versatility
Tortillas can be used to cook a lot of different recipes, they are affordable, and have many benefits. The nutritionist explains that we only have to be careful with how we choose to cook them as it can increase the caloric intake.