Man in Miami punched by Mexican actor

The 63-year-old man Mexican actor Pablo Lyle beat up in Miami last weekend passed away yesterday

Man dies in Miami after Mexican actor punched him in the face
Pablo Lyle is known for appearing in the Mexican blockbuster “Mirreyes vs. Godínez” (Spoiled Brats vs. Office Workers) - Photo: Alfonso Manzano & El Gordo y la Flaca official Instagram page
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The 63-year-old man Mexican actor Pablo Lyle beat up in Miami last weekend passed away yesterday.

Lyle, who is known for appearing in the Mexican blockbuster Mirreyes vs. Godínez (Spoiled Brats vs. Office Workers) and is now working in a new film called Instrucciones para Su (Instructions for their) will continue working in the picture as long as he is not required to appear before U.S. judicial authorities, said his legal manager Hugo González.

“Once he appears before court, he will be able to present all the evidence required to determine his responsibility in the event and the degree of his criminal guilt,” he added.

“We inform you that actor Pablo Lyle will not give a statement on the incident occurred in the city of Miami, Florida on March 31 of the present year. Since there is an open criminal case, Pablo Lyle, his family, and colleagues are strictly forbidden to grant any kind of statement to the media,” claimed the Jerry ML management agency through a press release on Twitter.

The incident

According to U.S. media, Lyle was heading to the Miami International Airport through the Dolphin Expressway. Suddenly, his driver attempted to make a u-turn, cutting off another car whose driver got off the vehicle and started knocking on the driver’s car window.

Following an angry exchange, Lyle got off his car and hit the man in the face, leaving him unconscious on the floor.

Several witnesses notified police authorities and the 32-year-old actor was arrested.

The arrest warrant specified that the impact had caused a wound to the skull and internal bleeding. The victim was taken to the intensive care unit at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he passed away a few days later.

Lyle walked free after paying a USD$5,000 bail on Wednesday.

Father of two, Lyle started out as a model and studied at Televisa’s Center of Artistic Education (CEA).


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