Luis Castro is back from the grave
Luis Castro, the former Nueva Alianza leader - Photo: Tanya Guerrero/EL UNIVERSAL

Luis Castro is back from the grave

Mexico City
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Luis Castro is back from the grave

It seems like the one who took the saying that “not making a living from the country's budget is living mistakenly” to heart is Luis Castro Obregón. We've been told that the former leader of the Nueva Alizan party is looking to create a new party very discretely. Luis Castro wants to create the “Social Group, Mexico's Advocate, National Political Party". Castro organized assemblies quietly, using the extinct Nueva Alianza party, which was created by Elba Esther Gordillo. So for now, his priority is to be able to register the party and the budget, the ideals will take the back seat, the money is first.

Gertz and the Tlahuelilpan case

We've been that the Attorney General, Alejandro Gertz Manero, will reveal details about the investigation about the explosion in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, where 125 people died. In January, Gertz committed to providing details of the investigation and that it would summon members of the army, the federal police, and Pemex to explain the events. We've been told that he will make an announcement between today and Wednesday. On Friday, the Security Minister, Alfonso Durazo, said that what happened in Tlahuelilpan wasn't the responsibility of the armed forces, now we will have to see what does Gertz has to say about it.

The Disney-Fox merge worries the Mexican government

There are many doubts inside the Interior Ministry in regards to some autonomous bodies. Especially in regards to the merging between Disney and Fox. The perception is that the Federal Telecommunications Institute, led by Gabriel Contreras, has managed the situation in a cloudy manner and that the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer has insisted that millions of consumers of sports events in Mexico could be affected. In fact, it's been said that the merging that is set to take place in Mexico is different from the one that will take place in the US and Europe. They claim that in those countries, the anti-monopoly commissions wouldn't have allowed that type of alliances. In Brazil, the measure was stopped but in Mexico, the IFT hasn't even organized a public hearing and hasn't reached out to the current government. In the case of the Federal Economic Competition Commission, led by Alejandra Palacios, they discussed the Disney-Fox merge on January 31 and approved lesser topics in regards to content distribution. In the Interior Ministry, the topic has generated doubts and discomfort.

No VIP treatment for Felipe Fuentes

Yesterday, the president-magistrate of the Electoral Tribunal, Felipe Fuentes, followed the austerity rules. We've been told that Fuentes said no when he was offered a VIP seat during an official event to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the Mexican Constitution and preferred to seat with his colleagues. We've been told that the Tribunal's president is looking to strengthen the unity, trust, and autonomy among the Tribunal's members, as it has experienced turbulence lately.


More than 66 people killed in Mexican pipeline explosion

At least 66 people were killed after a pipeline ruptured by alleged fuel thieves exploded in Mexico
More than 66 people killed in Mexican pipeline explosionMore than 66 people killed in Mexican pipeline explosion


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