16 | OCT | 2019

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Javier Coello Trejo – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Lozoya bends the PGR

Mexico City
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Lozoya bends the PGR

It seems Javier Coello Trejo, the former “iron attorney” was indeed as hard as steel. In a matter of days, he managed to bend the Public Prosecutor's Office (MP). As odd as it may sound, the lawyer secured the appearance of his client before the Office of the Mexican Attorney-General (PGR). Where most lawyers fight to prevent their clients from being summoned by the PGR, Mr. Javier “fought” to have his client, former CEO of PEMEX, Emilio Lozoya Austin, questioned regarding the corruption case confessed by Brazilian firm Odebrecht, which has acknowledged to bribing high-ranking public servants in several countries, including Mexico. And according to the testimonies of former executives of the firm, Lozoya may have received 10 million dollars in exchange for direct awardings of public works. After key political players and critics questioned the fact that the PGR didn't launch an investigation into the possible involvement of Lozoya in a corruption act, his lawyer practically forced the Office to hear the declarations of the former executive director of the state-owned company before the Public Prosecutor's Office this Thursday. Now, does the PGR seem willing to take the statement of the former public servant. Now, is he considered a suspect.

Margarita and her breakfast with Lupillo Acosta

Guadalupe "Lupillo" Acosta Naranjo, the leader of the “Galilean” faction within the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), doesn't spare anyone in his plan to achieve a front for the 2018 elections. Mr. Lupillo lobbies with key political figures of several parties. On this regard, we're told, he had breakfast on Tuesday at a restaurant in Paseo de la Reforma with possible Presidential candidate nominee Margarita Zavala. It's not the first time he and the former First Lady of Mexico meet like this – a couple of years ago, they caused a scandal in social media. Our sources in the PRD inform us that when the Chuchos were the masters and commanders of the PRD, Felipe Calderón – National Action Party(PAN) member, former Mexican President and husband of Margarita Zavala–  had them in high regard. Today Acosta is no longer part of the Chucho Clan, but it seems he still has important relationships with the PAN.

There's nothing obscure going on at Los Pinos

We're told there's great confusion in those who believe themselves to be master interpreters of political signs and see suspicious that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had met yesterday with the governors-elect of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo, and the State of Nayarit, National Action Party(PAN) member, Antonio Echevarría, a gesture he didn't have with also with Governor-elect of the State of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme. We're told there's nothing obscure going on, but it's all rather a matter of simplicity. Mr. Alfredo and Mr. Antonio will take office in September, while Mr. Miguel Ángel will do so in December. Thus, the important sign some may have seen was, in fact, a matter of logistics. We're told the order in which the Mexican President meets with governors-elect depends on the proximity of the date in which they are to take office.

Fortunate return

The famed analyst of international affairs, Gabriel Guerra Castellanos says not all returns are positive. For this editorial house, his return is not only positive but fortunate. In times of diatribe of international players, intolerance, racism, terrorism, and complex trade negotiations, the vision and explanation of events are a necessity-- and who better than Mr. Gabriel to understand the world and share it with our readers. Welcome back.



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