20 | JUL | 2019
Legend of Mexico's volcanoes is turned into a play
Volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl – Photo: Daniel Aguilar/REUTERS

Legend of Mexico's volcanoes is turned into a play

Mexico City
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The play features a boat ride across the lake to transports the viewers into a Pre-Columbian era

In order to rescue Pre-Columbian culture and promote Xochimilco as a tourist attraction, the play “Spring Equinox or How to Win or Lose a Love” will be shown at the Muyuguarda natural park. 

The story depicts the life of Popocatépetl, who defies destiny to conquer Iztaccíhuatl and how, despite the couple being terribly in love, Tláloc – Iztaccíhuatl's father – disapproves of the relationship which sets off the rest of the plot.

The innovative aspect of the play is that part of the presentation includes a boat ride on a trajinera (typical boat of the region).

Spring Equinox or How to Win or Lose a Love” of playwright Alejandro Linares, transports the viewers into a Pre-Columbian era, where over 20 actors and 10 musicians and dancers tell the story of how power and passion can bring down an empire.

During an event with the media, Linares said in an interview with Notimex, that the magic of this mise-en-scène is that the audience arrives at the port of Cuemanco and from there they are taken on a boat ride to Muyuguarda.

“The place has grandstands because the play takes place at a ground level, and we have big screens installed to project images that enhance the story,” explained Linares, who is also the director.

The play is suitable for all audiences and aims to reinforce the cultural and tourist aspect of the region.

The play will be showing every weekend from March 16 to April 22, at 20:00 hours.



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