The last roar of “The Lion King”

The musical received a standing ovation from the public during its farewell presentation

“The Lion King” cast - Photo by NOTIMEX
English 15/01/2018 11:29 Mexico Notimex Actualizada 11:29

The musical “The Lion King” said its farewell to its public in Mexico after performing its last show at the Telcel Teather in Mexico City.

At the end of the presentation, with the full cast gathered on stage, the producers addressed the public and thanked them, and their cast, for their support, for making 950 shows possible. “It's the circle of life and this has come to its end.”

Former cast members Carlos Rivera and Flavio Medina were also present at the last show and spoke to the media about their experience as part of "The Lion King" musical.

“I feel incredibly privileged for being here with my teammates, in this the last night. Every time a curtain lowers there is certain sadness to it but also joy, the joy of knowing you're concluding a cycle,” said Rivera.

“In this kind of (theater) companies, we're all family, we love each other very much,” commented Medina, who added the musical had a huge impact on his career.

Before the applause of the public and a standing ovation, “The Lion King” concluded its series of presentations in our country, which lasted over 2 years and a half.

The cast was lead by performers Shirley Hlahatse, Carlos Quezada, Jorge Lau, Mauricio Salas, Agustín Argüello, Aitza Terán, Alfonso Borbolla, Sergio Carranza, Taiane Martins, César Enríquez, and Ignacio Riva Palacio.


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