Kite Festival in Tequisquiapan

This weekend, the skies of this Magic Town will be embellished by dozens of colorful kites

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Has it been a long time since you flew a kite or you have never done it? Then pack your bags because the 2018 Kite Festival is here, in the Magic Town of Tequisquiapan, Querétaro.

The gardens of Cava Bocanegra, artisan cheesemakers, will host you this weekend, from 11:00 to 17:00, as the skies of this town are covered by the multiple colors and shapes of hundreds of kites.

While you can purchase a kite, there's nothing like making something of your own, so take your time and attend one of the workshops that will be available during the festival to come up with your own creation. Plastic or cloth, people here will tell you how to make an awesome kite and the best techniques for making it soar high in the sky.

There will be live music, inflatable jumping castles for kids, and more. In addition, Cava Bocanegra will also provide guided walks so you can become familiar with their cheese-making process – and their products, of course, as there will be a tasting.

And if we're talking cheeses then obviously there'll also be wine! Tequisquiapan is also a wine-producing region, and you'll be able to find bottles for as little as MXN$130 (USD$7).

If wine and cheese are not your thing, don't worry, you can also find craft beer and burgers.

When: January 27 and 28.

Entrance fee: MXN$50 (USD$2.7) per adult. Free entrance to children 12 and below.

Where: Cava Bocanegra, 50.2 km of the highway Querétaro-Tequisquiapan.

For more information, please visit the Spanish website.

* USD amounts calculated at a rate of USD$1 = MXN$ 18.4


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