Katia to make landfall in Veracruz

Hurricane Katia is expected to hit the coastal state late Friday night

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Civil Protection of the state of Veracruz has reported that category 1 hurricane “Katia” is expected to make landfall in Veracruz late Friday night.

According to the weather forecast, there is an increased possibility of storms at the center-north region of the state, with the heaviest rainfalls expected on Saturday.

Eight municipalities in Veracruz have already been affected by rains caused by “Katia”, currently stationary in the Gulf of Mexico. Official reports detail minor river overflows and partially blocked roads in the central area of the state.

Due to the risk of possible mudslides, major overflows, flooding, and landslides, Civil Protection has recommended citizens at high-risk areas to follow the preventive measures below:

- Prepare/update the Family Civil Protection Plan.

- Designate a safe meeting point.

- Prepare a basic emergency kit: waterproof raincoats, lantern, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, a bag or backpack containing important documents (birth certificates, official ID's, etc.) and non-perishable foods.

- Make sure you have drinking water available inside capped bottles or closed containers

- Evacuate immediately if ordered by civil protection personnel or if you observe signs of landslides near you.

- Secure doors and windows.

- Take shelter during strong winds or storms

- Do not drive through flooded streets or across fords.

If you're aware of an accident caused by a landslide, please report it immediately to your local Civil Protection Office or at the following telephone numbers: 911, 070, 01(800) 260-1300, 01(800) 716-3410 y 01(800) 716-3411 of the Secretary of Civil Protection.


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