Journalist Víctor Fernando Álvarez was murdered in Acapulco

According to his family, the journalist had received threats from local criminal organizations 

Journalist Víctor Fernando Álvarez was murdered in Acapulco
Mexico has become one of the deadliest countries to be a journalist - Photo: /
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Víctor Fernando Álvarez, a Mexican journalist who went missing over a week ago in the state of Guerrero, was found dead, the local prosecutor confirmed on April 11.

Forensic tests on human remains found in Acapulco were identified as belonging to Víctor Fernando Álvarez, who disappeared on April 2.

According to his family members, the journalist had been threatened by alleged members of criminal organizations that operate in Acapulco.

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Moreover, it is said that local prosecutors refused to file a missing person report when the journalist’s family reported his disappearance and told them to return when 72 hours had passed.

The Guerrero Human Rights Commission called on authorities to investigate the murder and to bring those responsible to justice.

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, as deadly as war zones and the majority of crimes are never solved. 

In 2019, 10 journalists were murdered in Mexico, according to NGO Reporters Without Borders.

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