Italian design takes over Mexico City

The Italian Embassy in Mexico has announced the opening of three different design exhibitions in Mexico City

Italian design takes over Mexico City
Piece designed by Italo Rota – Photo: Taken from Studio Italo Rota's Tumblr
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The Italian Embassy in Mexico, led by Luigi Maccotta, has announced the opening of three different design exhibitions in Mexico City, from October 2018 to March 2019.

Italy is one of the most powerful countries in the design, fashion, and art industries. Art and aesthetics have become part of the Italian worldview. Leather goods, designer pieces, art, food, wines, among other Italian staples, are part of the Italian branding that dominates the world industry and economy. Therefore, the Italian embassy has organized three different exhibitions to share the Italian worldview and its fascinating design panorama, which is part of their everyday lives.

Besides the three exhibitions, the ambassador announced that Interni, the most important interiors and contemporary design magazine in Italy, will launch its most recent edition in the incoming days, which is dedicated to Mexico City. The issue helps the reader to understand the chaotic yet beautiful city, and how art and design have turned into a driving force for social and urban change; the Mexico City issue also contains a guide with the best design stores, museums, and restaurants in the city, to help foreigner enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Where's Italian Design?/¿Dónde está el diseño italiano?

An exhibition in collaboration with Italian architect Italo Rota, a wide panorama of Italian design in the last 100 years, in the industry and in furniture, as well as recreational objects, and luxury items that have become icons that represent Italy all over the world. A look into the world of design, its use. It also portrays Italian design's evolution and innovation throughout history.

The exhibition will be available from October 26 to March 3, 2019, at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil.

Olivetti Makes

The legendary Italian typewriter maker, Olivetti, changed culture forever. His typewriters became an icon, and modernized literature, journalism, and writing in general. The exhibition documents 110 years of history and shows elements from Adriano Olivetti's social, cultural, political, and industrial project and its impact in Mexico, where Olivetti opened four factories.

The exhibition will open on October 11, and it will be available until January 2019, at the National Architecture Museum, in the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Vegetal House

The exhibition explores the world of interior design and design objects inspired by the plant world, with 100 selected pieces. It was organized by La Triennale di Milano and installed by Matteo Origoni. Vegetal House invites the spectator to reflect on their relationship with the environment and its place inside their home.

Vegetal House will open at the MUMEDI, from November 7 to January 31, 2019.



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