Insecurity, how much longer?

Whether it be businesses or people, every crime has a huge cost, even for those lucky ones who haven't been the victims of one

Insecurity, how much longer?
Mexico was struck by crime decades ago - Photo: Michel Narvaez/EL GRÁFICO
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How much does insecurity costs every citizen, businesses, the country? There is a lot of information in this regard. For its rigor and reach, the information provided by the Inegi is certainly the one that reflects reality faithfully.

The National Victimization and Perception about Public Security Survey (2018) mentions that “as a consequence of insecurity and crimes at home, the cost represents MXN $299,569 million,” which amounts to 1.65% of the GDP and to MXN $7,147 per victim.

For the businesses, the blow to their finances is also relevant. According to the National Companies' Victimization Survey, the average cost of a crime per economic unit in 2017 amounted to MXN $66,031, compared to MXN $57,779 in 2015.

In the survey, they also mention that 86.6 of the crimes committed against businesses, they didn't file lawsuits or an investigation wasn't opened, as the majority of those surveyed say that it is a waste of time.

Whether it be businesses or people, every crime has a huge cost, even for those lucky ones who haven't been the victims of a crime.

The businesses targeted by criminal groups will look to recover their losses by increasing the price of their products. If crime has struck the same businesses more than once, many of them take drastic measures as the ending their operations, which sparks off a shortage of products and therefore, the increase in its prices, as well as the loss of jobs, and the fall of the economic dynamism in the country.

Insecurity, then, has a cost for all the population. It affects some directly and others indirectly. Crime costs some people more, but the whole population pays the price.

Mexico can no longer allow that its public and private resources are lost because of insecurity, or are destined for protection. Public money would have to be used to help those in need or creating jobs or new projects.

Insecurity affects everyone. The country is still waiting for a solution, even if it is partial, to the problem. Very little was achieved during this presidency. How long could citizens and businesses stand this situation?


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