Insabi: Setting the record straight

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Insabi: Setting the record straight
The current administration replaced the Seguro Popular with the Insabi - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Insabi: Setting the record straight

Health Minister Jorge Alcocer Varela has yet to address how the Insabi will operate. Both the undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell and Juan Antonio Ferrer, the head of the Insabi, have made confusing and contradictory statements. The good news is that this morning, Jorge Alcocer was present during President López Obrador’s daily news conference, where he explained how the new health institute will work and if the services will be free.

Will Mexico offer universal health care?

Where is the draft?

Some strange things happened during a meeting between federal officials and senators from different parties, which was led by senators Ricardo Monreal and Mónica Fernández Balboa. However, they announced a series of reforms in regard to justice but didn’t write them down. We’ve been told that lawmakers were surprised and that it has become clear that the senators will wait until the Judiciary issues its opinion on the reforms to the justice system. We’ve been told that justice reform is needed, which has the support of judges, magistrates, and ministers.

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Trouble in Puebla

We’ve been told after Fernando Manzanilla resigned as Interior Minister of Puebla, senator Alejandro Armenta is now eyeing the position. We’ve been told that those who destroyed the relationship between governor Miguel Barbosa and Manzanilla also strengthened senator Armenta, who is allegedly trying to weaken the Puebla governor. They add that Manzanilla, who left the lower chamber to go to Puebla to help with the crisis sparked after the death of governor Martha Erika Alonso, is now heading back to the lower chamber, during a time when his support could be useful to approve the President’s agenda.

No evidence of previous failure in helicopter crash in Puebla

Against sanitary risks

Yesterday in Washington, the U.S. Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine released a new report that details the risks to public health sparked by the consumption of food and medicines and warned that regulating agencies such as the Cofepris should make all their decisions based on risks and scientific evidence and increase security to protect the population. The report highlights the need to increase access to high-quality medicines and implement public policies to halt the informal sale of health products. We’ve been told that Mikel Arriola, a former IMSS director, is among the experts who worked in the creation of the report.

The Cofepris is holding the pharmaceutical industry back