Google remembers Clemente Orozco

The painter became known as one of the three Mexican Muralists together with contemporaries Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros

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Today, Google features a doodle to remember the 134th birth anniversary of Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco

In the design, Orozco is shown in a three-quarter profile with a tiger and the Mexican flag on the background, an image taken from his work Las riquezas nacionales (National Wealth), located in the second floor of Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico City.

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Orozco was born in Jalisco on November 23, 1883, yet seven years later he and his family moved to Mexico City, where he enrolled in nigh drawing classes at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos in 1890.

Upon his father's death, the painter began to work as a draftsman for an architectural firm and a post-mortem painter. In 1917; however, he traveled to the United States and upon his return, he began to work on paintings depicting battle themes, heavily influenced by the Mexican Revolution. It was then when he began to be commissioned to paint murals.

Orozco became known as one of the three Mexican Muralists together with his contemporaries Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

On May 15, 1943, he became a founding member of the National College, institution where he presented six exhibitions and which earned him the National Arts Award in 1946.

Orozco died in Mexico City on September 7, 1949, and was buried in the Rotonda de Los Hombres Ilustres (Roundabout of the Illustrious Men) – the first painter to be awarded the honor.

With information from Notimex and the official website of the National College (page).