Getting ready for a coup d'état?
President López Obrador and Veracruz governor Cuitláhuac García - Photo: Miguel Ángel Carmona/EL UNIVERSAL

Getting ready for a coup d'état?

Mexico City
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Getting ready for a coup d'état?

Veracruz governor, Cuitláhuac García, was the first to show his support for President López Obrador after the President said a coup d'état against him was unfeasible. Through his Twitter account, García tweeted that at least 6 governors would prevent a coup d'état against the President. They Veracruz governor sent a message to “conservatives” and told them not to event dream a coup because it would immediately turn into a nightmare. One of the questions that remain is who are those other governors? If Cuitláhuac García shared a number, is it because he already made calls to protect López Obrador?

A coup d'état in Mexico?

Day of the Dead 2019

During the Day of the Dead 2019, some ambassadors in Mexico celebrated the tradition. U.S. ambassador Christopher Landau, traveled to Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, to learn about the way death is celebrated; while the French ambassador Ann Grillo was in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán, and UK ambassador Corin Robertson was in Oaxaca but these three weren't the only ones, as several other diplomats celebrated the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead 2019 in Mexico

Turmoil at Morena

Morena's national leader, Yeidckol Polevnsky, arrived in Baja California and accompanied the new governor, Jaime Bonilla, during his first official event. We've been told that when she asked people about the fires, she was questioned about the turmoil inside the party, especially after the electoral tribunal ordered to repeat the internal election at Morena.

Catfight at Morena

Does the government care about transparency?

It seems like the current administration doesn't think transparency is part of the fight against corruption since government departments didn't publish the Simple Guide of Archives and the Catalog of Document Disposition at the transparency platform called SIPOT. Using these tools, a user can identify what type of information each institution generates or receives, how it's classified, where is it located, and other information that makes it easier for users to request information. Sources with knowledge of the matter say that they hope the INAI calls those in charge of the tool, especially the President's office and the Interior Ministry.

The key to ending corruption


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