22 | MAR | 2019
Photo: Ricardo Moya/EL UNIVERSAL

Frida donates her rescue boots

Ricardo Moya
Mexico City
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To El Borceguí Footwear museum

Frida, the Mexican rescue dog that has participated in different disasters nationally and internationally, donated her boots to the El Borceguí Footwear Museum.

In the ceremony, organized by the museum staff, both Frida and her trainer donated their shoes to the museum.

Frida, member of the Canine Unit of the Mexican Navy, has found over 53 people throughout her career of which 12 people were alive. Her assistance proved vital in the search and rescue efforts in Mexico City and in Oaxaca after the earthquakes that struck the country, an 8.2-magnitude quake on September 7 and the 7.1-magnitude quake on September 19.

After the ceremony, a brand new pair of boots was given to Frida. The boots, especially custom made for her, are made of a resistant and flexible material that protects both her paws and her legs from nails, broken glass, wood or sharp stones.

Thus, Frida's boots will be exhibited in the museum as a tribute to her rescue work.

El Borceguí Footwear Museum​


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