Magnificent lagoons in Mexico

Visit these stunning bodies of water in Mexico

Five magnificent lagoons in Mexico
Mexico has wonderful water landscapes – Photo: Yadín Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL
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Let us remember the importance of water as a vital element on Earth, but let us also celebrate its beauty in Mexico’s landscapes.

Here are five lagoons worthy of admiration and which should be visited without damaging the environment.

Lake Bacalar
Also known as the Seven Colors Lake due to its blue hues that it can reflect because of the kind of soil, the depth, and the time of day. It is located 50 minutes away from Chetumal and also near Cancún.

Full of nature, fine sand, and fresh and crystal-clear water, Bacalar has an ideal landscape to spend some relaxing days swimming or kayaking.



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There are three cenotes in Lake Bacalar: the Witch or the Black cenote, Emerald, and Cocalitos. Another attraction you can visit here is the Pirates Channel that has crystal-clear waters of two meters deep and where you can watch the sunset.

Hotel Los Aluxes Bacalar, famous on Instagram because of its swings over the water, is the ideal place to relax. It has a restaurant and organizes tours and activities like biking and kayaking.



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The cost per room starts at MXN $1,800 and booking in advance is recommended.

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Montebello Lagoons
Considered one of the most beautiful lake areas in Mexico, the lakes here are ancient cenotes that the erosion of limestone rock and landslides have joined with time. This National Park is located in the municipalities of La Independencia and La Trinitaria, in southwestern Chiapas and near the border with Guatemala.

They say there are 59 lakes characterized by turquoise and emerald colors due to the kind of vegetation, the soil, and the sun’s reflection. However, there is only access to 10 lakes.

The visit to the lagoons is made in two ways: the first takes you through the lands of the Montebello Lagoons National Park, where you will find the water bodies Esmeralda, La Encantada, Bosque Azul, Ensueño, and Agua Tinta. The second way completes the tour through Cinco Lagos, Dos Lagunas, Pojoj, Cañada, and Tziscao. While you visit the lagoons, you will find different kinds of birds: woodpeckers, toucans, falcons, and even quetzals.

The access to the National Park is MXN $36 per person. If you want to have access to the lagoons managed by communal landowners, you will have to pay MXN $25 extra; those managed by the government are included in the entrance to the National Park.

Tours in the lakes are guided by locals in rustic boats made with pine logs. The tour lasts for an hour and can hold from 4 to 6 persons.

The best lagoon to practice activities is Tziscao. There, you will be able to practice rafting, kayaking, biking, or horse riding. You can book them with Ceiba tours.

You can also stay in Cabañas Paraíso Tziscao that has a restaurant, Wi-Fi, terrace with views to the lake, parking lot, courtesy boats, and firepits by night.

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Chacahua Lagoons National Park
It is an area surrounded by mangroves located on the coasts of Oaxaca, near Puerto Escondido. This natural reserve is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna: reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and a huge amount of birds.

To arrive in Chacahua, the best option is to get to the Zapotalito dock and travel by boat. You will go sail through the mangroves to reach your destination. The journey lasts approximately an hour and 20 minutes.

One of the attractions is to visit the lighthouse (the highest point in Chacahua) to observe the meeting of the lagoon and the ocean. You can rent a boat for MXN $10 that will take you to the hill where the lighthouse is located and then you walk for a bit over 20 minutes to reach the top. The view you will have has no comparison.

Other places you can visit is the crocodile and turtles farms. Once in Chacahua, you can swim, surf, snorkel, dive, or rest in the shore while enjoying the delicious food offered in restaurants.

Lalo Ecotours offers a package for MXN $800 with land transportation, boat, binoculars, bilingual guide, visit to the crocodile farm and the main beach. You should carry a swimsuit and a towel with you.

If you want to stay in Chacahua, one of the options is from a restaurant, as odd as it may seem. You only need to eat inside it and they will let you board.

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Santa María del Oro
This lagoon surrounded by the forest is located inside a volcano’s caldera in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the state of Nayarit. It has a diameter of 2.5 kilometers and is 60 meters deep.



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The lagoon has a legend about its own creation: In an ancient settlement called Michiztlán lived a king who had a beautiful daughter who fell in love with a young man from an enemy town. Upon knowing this, the king ordered his soldiers to tie his daughter and the young man to a post. Since they were so close but so far, they began to cry for days until the lagoon was created.

It is a perfect place for swimming (its waters have a temperature of 25° C), sunbathing, or spending a relaxing time in the thermal pools near the lagoon.



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Santa María Resort is a luxury option to rest. Its rooms are completely made of wood; they are located around a pool and have a terrace with views to the lagoon or the garden. It has a bar and a restaurant, as well as bikes and kayaks- It is located in the shore of the Santa María lagoon.

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Catemaco Lagoon
It is located in southwestern Veracruz. It takes nearly three hours and a half to arrive from the port.

It is said that in this place the Virgin of El Carmen appeared to a fisher and, since then, Catemaco was known as a miraculous place visited by thousands of people per year to ask for divine favor.

To know all the lagoon, it is best to travel by boat. The tours are organized by locals and they are always on the shore of the lake. It lasts two hours and ends with a visit to the main attraction: Monkeys Island.

In the lagoon, you can practice water sports.

If you want to stay in front of the lake, the best option is Airbnb. The cost for these cabins goes from MXN $400 to $900.

Have you heard of Mexico's natural wonder sculpted by water?


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