Emilio Lozoya is quite happy

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Emilio Lozoya is quite happy
Former Pemex chief Emilio Lozoya avoided jail and will remain in hospital - Photo: Xinhua
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Emilio Lozoya is quite happy

For some weeks, sources started mentioning the former government officials and lawmakers who allegedly received bribes from Emilio Lozoya; however, they all deny any wrongdoings and say the former Pemex chief must prove his claims. Nevertheless, sources said not all the names have emerged yet, and that some of the names previously mentioned are not involved. However, sources said former high-ranking officials from the previous administration will face tangible evidence provided by Lozoya, which he will exchange for a plea bargain. In the case of former lawmakers and party leaders, authorities must investigate their assets, bank accounts, and properties. Meanwhile, after a 10-hour hearing, Lozoya said a lot of things, pled not guilty, and denounced intimidation, yet the Attorney General’s Office didn’t reveal any names. We will see if he mentions any names during today’s hearing, which will deal with Odebrecht. Until now, Emilio Lozoya Austin has avoided jail and that makes him happy.

López-Gatell is running out of time

Time is running out for Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, Mexico’s COVID-19 czar, to present his assets declaration and conflicts of interest statement. Sources said that the President and the majority of his cabinet have fulfilled this requirement. However, sources said that the Deputy Health Minister has resisted transparency, such was his attempt to extend the period people m use wait to receive official information through transparency mechanisms. Therefore, if Dr. López-Gatell submits his assets statement before July 31, authorities must review the documents carefully, especially since the doctor looks at numbers in a different way because while he says that 44,000 people died after contracting the novel coronavirus, some scientists say there could be up to 160,000 victims.

Fonatur issued inaccurate information

Sources said some of the information contained in the Environmental Impact Assessment regarding the construction of the Mayan Train are wrong; the Fonatur submitted the document to the Semarnat on June 16. You may be wondering why would someone question the information regarding the first three stages of the construction project. In this case, the Fonatur, led by Milardy Douglas Rogelio Jiménez Pons Gómez, said that the information mentioned in an article published by this newspaper was incorrect. As mentioned throughout the investigation, journalists took the numbers from the Environmental Impact Assessment. Perhaps the Fonatur must read the entire article and its documents before setting the record straight. 

Ebrard is working to obtain the vaccines against COVID-19

While government officials try to act as “scientists” and get involved in the debate surrounding the face mask debate, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebard is several steps ahead. Insiders said that the Foreign Affairs Ministry is working to make sure that Mexico has access to the vaccine against COVID-19 once it is ready. Sources said Marcelo Ebrard is keeping in touch with other countries to discuss the vaccine acquisition, as well as with the pharmaceutical companies involved in the projects. It seems like the discussions are advancing and Ebrard may have good news soon. 


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