Emilio Lozoya: Mexico deserves justice, not an act of propaganda

During his first hearing, Emilio Lozoya Austin pled not guilty

Emilio Lozoya: Mexico deserves justice, not an act of propaganda
The former Pemex chief is involved in two major corruption cases: Agronitrogenados and Odebrecht - Photo: Denis Larkin
English 29/07/2020 10:14 Mexico City Editorial Actualizada 10:21
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It is important not to forget that the most important thing regarding Emilio Lozoya’s case is to punish corruption, not to turn it into a political show used for electoral purposes. 

Nevertheless, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is asking society to focus on the former Pemex chief’s trial and even suggested to do this through a civil and popular court. According to the president, this way Mexicans would learn about the modus operandi employed by white-collar criminals, whose crimes mostly went unnoticed according to López Obrador; however, these claims are contradictory for a politician who arrived at the presidency thanks to the outrage corruption sparked among people and because he vowed to eradicate these practices.

Yesterday, during his first hearing regarding the purchase of fertilizer plant Agronitrogenados, Lozoya Austin pled not guilty and said he was used by others, whose identity and involvement he didn’t mention; however, he said he will reveal their names in the future.

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On the other hand, regarding the Odebrecht case, we have to remember that Mexico is the only country where those involved in bribery haven’t been prosecuted. In other countries, businessmen, government officials, and presidents have been punished for receiving bribes from the Brazilian construction company. For example, Alan García, Peru’s former President, committed suicide when authorities accused him of corruption.

Sources said Odebrecht had a special department to deal with bribes in 12 countries in exchange for contracts. It is said the construction company even financed political campaigns in exchange for favors once the candidates won the elections and took office.

The legal proceedings against former officials involved in major corruption cases must be an act to eradicate corruption once and for all, one of the main goals set by the current federal government; however, this should not become an act of propaganda. Authorities must make sure that there is no impunity so that in the end, the trial is not only a headline and no one is imprisoned. 


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