El Borras: from rags to riches

“El Borras” was very lucky because he looks a lot like the dog Cuarón had when he was a child

El Borras: from rags to riches after “Roma”
Borras, the dog in “Roma” - Photo: Taken from Mvz Adriana Cruz Frias' Fcebook page (left)/ Taken from @ValBeatles' Twitter account (right)
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His story will break your heart.

Everything began in 2016, when Manuel Montero and a friend found a dog with a wire tied around his neck, inside an abandoned land lot, about the die of hunger and thirst. Montero is a professional animal trainer, which was crucial for “Borras”.

Montero and his friend took him to a vet, Adriana Cruz, who was the one who told his story. According to the vet, the dog was hospitalized for a month as he had several issues as mange, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, and fleas.

After a month, the dog's health started to improve and he was much more playful.

Montero was asked to work in Cuarón's film, as they “needed a dog who looked like the one Mr. Cuarón had when he was little and when the time was right, “Borras” was the ideal candidate, as he really wanted to live and a had great disposition to work,” the vet said.

Borras” was very lucky because he looks a lot like the dog Cuarón had.

The dog “was taught to be obedient and he loved playing with the ball, he followed the orders, and its known that sometimes they need several dogs to film the scenes, but “Borras” filmed all the scenes with a lot of enthusiasm.”

But even if “Borras” was really lucky, there are thousands of dogs who have been abandoned and mistreated.

In Mexico, 70% of dogs live on the streets, which places it as the country with the most stray dogs in Latin America, according to Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

Today, “Borras” has his own dressing room but it is only through adoption, care, and love that all domestic animals will have a happy ending.


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