Dynamic Media Triad, an innovative Mexican studio shaping the future of gaming

The Mexico City-based studio is focused on developing timeless games that will keep the gaming legacy alive

Dynamic Media Triad, an innovative Mexican studio shaping the future of gaming
The independent gaming studio is focused on innovation - Photo: Courtesy of Dynamic Media Triad
English 12/09/2020 16:44 EL UNIVERSAL in English/Miranda Perea Mexico City Actualizada 15:20
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With a heightened interest linked to online gaming, the video game industry is rapidly growing all over the world. In 2020, this digital industry is expected to hit USD $159.3 billion with as many as 2.7 billion gamers worldwide.

According to Newzoo, Latin American countries are experiencing a growth in their online population which is fueling the rise of the global video games industry.

Speaking of Mexico, data of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) shows the country is the top consumer of games in Latin America and the 12th in the world. Moreover, up to half of all Mexicans play video games.

Although Mexico’s video game industry has registered a slow development, the country has the potential to become a referent in the digital world. Our country is known for its skilled professionals who have become key figures in different fields and video games are not the exception.

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EL UNIVERSAL in English had the opportunity to talk to Rodrigo Saco, a Mexican game developer who, along with a team of experts, embarked on an adventure in the video games world with Dynamic Media Triad, a 100% Mexican studio taking the creative digital industry by storm.

The Mexico City-based studio has a clear perspective of what they want to achieve with their games and the technological pieces they develop, “We want to be true to ourselves while incorporating new elements to our products.”

Although they are inspired by their own experiences growing up with video games, the experts at Dynamic Media Triad do not want their games to remain frozen in time, instead, they work toward developing products that contribute to the evolution of the industry.

And while this sometimes results in a slower growth pace, the Mexican studio is focused on developing innovative games with creative freedom.

According to Rodrigo Saco, “some software development companies have only been created as a result of the demand and develop their teams to be the best in selling and producing trends. Therefore, their future could be related to what happens to that drive.”

Although that is a possible path in the video game industry, it is by no means the one Dynamic Media Triad has chosen since the members of the independent studio are truly passionate about the digital world and see in innovation the key to keeping the legacy of video games alive.

Trends are not relevant for this group of Mexican game developers for they aim to create engaging video games that become an essential part of the identity of contemporary gamers just as the games from their childhood and teenage years were for them.

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Saco mentions his studio wants “to create products that do not follow trends but that contribute to the video games historical context by creating atemporal pieces” and thus ensure game enthusiasts will keep returning to them regardless of how many hours they have spent playing them or how much time has passed since their release.

Dynamic Media Triad is aware of its role in Mexico's video games environment and its work is founded in a deeply-rooted passion for innovation. Moreover, Dmtriad is also aware of the tremendous amount of talent in its ranks, and thus, combined with their objective and the things that inspire them, they are focused on a creative enterprise that has already given them satisfying results.

In December 2018, the Mexican studio launched Broken Reality which, according to its website “is a single-player adventure game set in a 3D parody of the internet.” This game has an astounding 97% of positive reviews on Steam.

Only 1% of games on that platform sell more than 3,000 copies; although Broken Reality started slow, it has already surpassed 10,000 sales and the studio is about to launch a physical copy of the game for PC and an art book that will be sold online.

Rodrigo Saco mentions that this growth, which has been mostly organic, is a reflection of how much Dynamic Media Triad cares about offering high-quality games and their commitment to developing products with an identity that conveys their creativity as a team.

“We really care about the integrity of our work. We take our work seriously. We are all interested in taking care of our reputation and in order to keep impressing ourselves, we reach a certain level of perfectionism,” added Saco.

Astrodogs, their latest game which will be launched soon, is an example of that. This new game offers hours of guaranteed fun that will engage the player from the very beginning without becoming repetitive or boring regardless of the number of times it is played. With this game, the Mexican studio wants to return to the basics of video games: fun but with a twist as their trademark. Therefore, the users will find a game that becomes increasingly challenging and fun as they keep playing, so there will be more to it than tons of laughs and amazing graphics.

“With Astrodogs, we’re trying to keep our identity as a studio, which can be seen in the visual aspect. We want to maintain the continuity of the team that worked on Broken Reality, which is basically the same but a bit expanded. However, this game’s objective is different: It must be extremely fun; every single second you invest in the game will make you have fun, a bit similar to what arcades did back in their day,” said the Mexican game developer about their new game.

Astrodogs promises to be an action game with progressively interesting choreographies that will allow gamers to develop their skills the more they play the different levels, “The more you replay the game, the more fun you will have.” asserted Saco.

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Aware that the quality of their games will speak for them, the team at Dynamic Media Triad is committed to going beyond the business side of their digital adventure, “We are here because we care about our art, our industry, and we want to keep growing and developing timeless products that go beyond economic rewards and that have a deeper meaning.”

Dynamic Media Triad’s previous success and its promising upcoming games are an example of how Mexican independent developers can change the future of gaming both in the national and international scenes through innovation and hard work that stem from a genuine desire to contribute to the evolution of the ever-changing video game industry.


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