Demand of cars made in Mexico increased 11.9%

Despite exports to the U.S. fell, Canada and Germany are still buying cars manufactured in Mexico

English 06/12/2017 14:57 Sara Cantera Actualizada 14:59
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Export of cars made in Mexico rose 11.9% in November, according to data from the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA), which said a total of 274,520 units were traded abroad.

Vehicles exported to the United States – the main destination of the Mexican automotive industry – decreased 1%; however, Mexico shipped 33,535 units to Canada, which represents an increase of 74.2% in car exports to that country.

More modestly, our export of cars to Germany rose only 4% with 10,878 units sold. 

The vehicles manufactured in Mexico with the highest demand in Canada are the General Motors Sierra, the Fiat Chrysler RAM 2500, and the General Motors Silverado 2500.

To Germany, the models exported are Volkswagen New Jetta, Beetle, and Tiguan.

Overall, the automotive assembly plants with more production increase are those of the Fiat Chrysler with 38.8%; KIA with 33%, and General Motors with 23.5%.


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