Coronavirus outbreak: Mexicans stranded in Spain ask for help to return home

Over 180 Mexicans are stranded in Madrid and Barcelona

Coronavirus outbreak: Mexicans stranded in Spain ask for help to return home
Over 180 Mexicans are stranded in Spain - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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A group of Mexicans stranded in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, posted a letter to the Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, in which they ask him for help to leave that nation.

The Mexicans ask Ebrard to apply the same scheme they followed to help other co-nationals in other countries, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean, to where they even sent planes from the Mexican Air Force.

Mexico’s embassy in Spain published a statement through which they ask the stranded Mexicans in that country to remain calm during the exceptional situation experience nowadays.

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“We are a group of Mexican citizens who are currently in the city of Barcelona, Spain, due to different circumstances such as studying, working, and traveling. And due to the current health emergency, we are confined and stranded in this city,” reads the letter.

They said that the problem lies in that most of them do not have enough economic resources to continue paying for the food, living, boarding, and traveling expenses.

They ask for help for their repatriation and proposed Mexican authorities to follow a scheme similar to that implemented for the Mexican stranded in Argentina.

They added that flights have been canceled and that airlines have not given explanations or responses.

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Moreover, they said that they commit to thoroughly follow all health measures when they return to Mexico.

Mexico’s embassy in Spain posted a message for the Mexican community that has been affected by the cancelation of flights in April between Spain and Mexico. It added that Aeromexico airline announced the suspension of flights in April between Madrid and Mexico City. The last flight will take place on April 10.

It added that since March 14, they have helped some 1,400 people, between tourists and Mexican students, who have been affected by the current circumstances.

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