César Duarte fights for his rights

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César Duarte fights for his rights
César Duarte, the former Chihuahua Governor - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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César Duarte fights for his rights

At the end of January, the PRI's National Justice Commission decided to expel the former Chihuahua Governor, César Duarte, from the party for alleged corruption acts during his term. The expulsion was fulminant for the former Governor but he is making moves from his refugee abroad to try and maintain his rights as a PRI member. We've been told that Duarte has asked the Electoral Tribunal for a protection of the political-electoral rights trial, which means: the party's leadership doesn't have the right to expel me. For now, his reasons are unknown but it is known that the current Governor, Javier Corral, wants him behind bars. In the Electoral Tribunal, the ball in the court.

Union leader vs. Union leader

The leader of Mexico's Workers Confederation (CTM), Carlos Aceves del Olmo, who is turning 79 soon, said that he might be might but his organization is not, even when new organizations emerge. The message was aimed at senator Napoleón Gómez Urrutia and his new International Democratic Syndicate Confederation, which is being created along with groups from the CTM and other trade unions. As a show of the CTM's youth and vitality, 45 strikes began yesterday in Matamoros and he anticipated that the CTM will celebrate its anniversary.

The President visits El Bronco

President López Obrador is traveling to Monterrey for a working visit, where he is set to meet with the Governor, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, “El Bronco.” We've been told that the President will host his morning press conference there. We've been told that for weeks, the President's team talked to El Bronco's team to secure a joint press conference but there weren't many developments and nothing has been confirmed. Will we see the President and El Bronco together again, who was so entertaining during the presidential debate?

No one remembers the Presidential Guard

Yesterday there was no party at Molina del Rey, a historical complex, there also were no fireworks or recognition or promotions for the members of the armed forces, who serve the President. This year, there was no party, dinner, or dance for them. We've been reminded that on Monday it was the Day of the Presidential Guard, a military body that was canceled by the current government, whose personnel joined the National Defense and the Navy. So yesterday, there were no celebrations or recognition for the heroes who defended President Madero, captains Gustavo Garmendia and Federico Montes, who shouted: “nobody touches the President!”.


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