The biggest tamale ever

The Guinness World Records' organizers confirmed that Villahermosa obtained the world record with a 164-feet-long tamal

Mexico bakes the biggest tamale in the world
Tamales are a favorite among Mexicans - Photo: Jorge Sánchez Téllez/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Guinness World Records' organizers confirmed that Villahermosa, Tabasco obtained the world record for the biggest tamal in the world, with a 164-feet-long tamal, dethroning Peru.

Carlos Tapia Rojas, who works for the international organization, verified the measuring process and verified the new record. Therefore, Tabasco holds the record once again; in 2016, they obtained the record but it was later broken by Peru.

The tamal with chipilín, crotalaria longirostrata, was made by high-school students and culinary school students, led by chef Fabián Romero.

The oven was set up out on the street and measured 164 feet.

According to Violeta Isidro Pérez, the president of Tabasco's National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Food (Canirac), they used 771 lbs. of dough, 220 lbs. of pork meat, 77 lbs. of chipilín, 55 lbs. of chili, and 33 lbs. of coriander, 1763 lbs. of lard, 440 lbs. of green peppers.

For the salsa, they used 132 lbs. of tomato, 44 lbs. of onion, and 66 lbs. of garlic, also, they used 1,000 banana leaves.

The price was between MXN $58,000 and MXN $60,00; it was financed by sponsors.


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