Austerity affects the migration crisis
Thousands of migrants are stranded in Mexico – Photo: Luis Villalobos /EL UNIVERSAL

Austerity affects the migration crisis

Mexico City
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Austerity affects the migration crisis

Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard launched the strategy to contain the migration flow. Nevertheless, the staff shortage is starting to affect the plan, and now, even without experience, other officials have to step up as migration officers. This is the case of the staff from the Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development, which is part of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, and whose employees were sent to Chiapas to carry out migration tasks. They spend over 5 days in the area to “support” the migration controls before they are allowed to return to Mexico City. It's been said that anyone might have to go contain migrants inside the ministry.

Sánchez Cordero saves the day

We've been told that during the process to reopen the El Peñasquito mine in Zacatecas last Friday, which had been blocked for over 2 months, causing millions in losses for Gold Corp, this is the first medal for the Interior Minister, Olga Sánchez Cordero; these are good news since everyone questioned the fact that she didn't participate in the negotiations with the U.S. in regards to migration and tariffs, where Marcelo Ebrard was the protagonist. Also, the reopening of the mine is a good sign for the business sector, which is still wary about the new government.

New protection measures for journalists and activists

We've been told that civil society organizations will attend a meeting at the Senate next week, to discuss the murders of journalists and human rights activists. The idea is to pressure the legislators to improve the protection mechanism for journalists and activists, as well as improve the security conditions for them. So far the organizations have received support from senators Emilio Álvarez Icaza and Nestora Salgado but other officials are expected to join the cause.

Pending issues in Mexico City

Now that mayor Claudia Sheinbaum has made some changes to her cabinet, we've been told that the Mexico City notaries archive is at risk. One of the merits of the previous administration was the optimization of the Public Property Registry. For decades, users were the victim of corruption and carelessness but during the previous administration, personnel that was able to eradicate these practices; nevertheless, the new government brought back the inefficiencies and reparations that haven't been done since the 2017 earthquake. Besides security, there are also other areas that require improvement.


Trump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reached

President Trump claimed the U.S. had reached a signed agreement with Mexico to stop the tariffs
Trump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reachedTrump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reached


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