Ambassadors aren't surprised

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Ambassadors aren't surprised
Marcelo Ebrad, ambassadors, and consuls - Photo: Taken from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Twitter Account
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Ambassadors aren't surprised

The Mexican ambassadors and consuls haven't been very happy during their annual meeting. They have been privately questioning what they have been told by members of President López Obrador's cabinet. Many of these “old wolves” of diplomacy claim they haven't been told anything new, at least nothing they haven't been told in previous editions of the meeting they have in Mexico City every day: the government changed and now diplomats have to promote commerce, culture, and investment. The most critical ones say that the only difference is that they will have to carry out their tasks but with fewer resources, that is what's new in 2019.

The INAI is safe for now

By the way, President López Obrador left the National Institute of Information Access (INAI) alone, after he criticized them because, to him, their work hasn't served to end corruption. On Tuesday, the President said his government won't intervene in autonomous bodies because dismantling the organization is not part of his austerity plan but that he is, it has been achieved, reducing costs. We've been told that after witnessing the storm, the head of the INAI, Francisco Acuña Llamas, created a program to reduce costs. Now, the guardians of transparency will have to decide if they implement it or if they put the austerity plan away.

Delgado's ultimate test

Morena's coordinator in Congress, Mario Delgado, has a “package” for the approval of a project of importance for the President on his hands: the constitutional reform for the creation of the National Guard. Although there's talk about Morena's infinite power in San Lázaro and that they have the support of the PT, PES, and PVEM, opposition legislators distanced themselves and it turns out that the votes from the members of the PAN, PRD, PRI, and MC are of great importance and could complicate AMLO's plan. So Delgado will have to prove that he is capable of fulfilling his task and approving the bill. Will Delgado pass this test?

Budget cuts at the SEP

Cuts are being made in several departments at the Ministry of Public Education, led by Esteban Moctezuma. We've been told that they have fired trusted employees, independent professionals, and reduced the everyday expenses. The cuts made at the SEP are as serious as in other government departments and the first measures were taken at the beginning of 2019.


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