A look into the electronic music scene in Mexico

Both national and international DJs share their thoughts on the electronic music scene in Mexico

A look into the electronic music scene in Mexico
English 05/09/2018 19:41 EL UNIVERSAL in English/David Morales Mexico City Actualizada 13:51
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Last month, the Electronic Summer Festival Morelos, featured world-known DJs, food tastings and more, with a modest though enthusiastic attendance at the IMSS vacation center of Oaxtepec.

To close the night, DJ Sak Noel, known for hit songs such as “Loca People” and “Trumpets,” drove audiences insane with fresh remixes and powerful snares amidst a rainstorm that gave a lively atmosphere to the festival.

Amidst the cheering and waving of the crowd, the artist from Catalonia, Spain raised his hand and shouted: “I will keep this party going until the fucking sun comes out! We may be few, but we are family!

Backstage, in an exclusive interview with EL UNIVERSAL in English and Radioneta Yautepec, Sak Noel spoke with fondness about Mexico: “This is not my first time in Mexico, but it is my first time in Morelos. I came here because I heard that this was a beautiful place and it’s great to be here.”

Sak Noel currently resides in the United States, where he is working on a fusion of electronic and Latin music. “It’s a pity that it’s raining so much, but we’ll just have to fight it with some kickass music tonight,” he stated.

When asked by a radio commentator from Yautepec about his greatest accomplishment so far, the DJ replied that “Trumpets,” featuring Sean Paul was probably the greatest hit of his career, though “Everything I’ve done is important to me. I am also proud of my work with Mexican producers and artists,” he added.

The music event also featured several famous local artists such as DJ Chrysler, who brought a more experimental sound to the festival. When asked about the electronic music scene in Mexico, he claimed that “Despite the fact that there are already several producers and artists involved, it is a relatively new territory for many people. Electronic music used to be rare, with only a few places and clubs where one could go and listen to DJs. Eventually, these places sort of connected naturally.”

At the beginning of his segment, DJ Chrysler introduced an equalized chromaticism that baffled the audience. From the booth, he shouted “Jump out of your bodies and forget about oligarchy!” while starting the beat.

For his part, DJ Lemarroy expressed that “there is a lot of talent at the festival and I have a couple of friends who are playing tonight, I think we have a kick-ass lineup.” When asked about his music style, he stated that he “aimed at a style that is more like progressive house. But I try to walk the audience through a series of sub-genres of dance music. I think it’s interesting, and very percussive.”


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