50% of Mexicans earn MXN $5,301 per month

Most of the Mexican population survives with MXN $5,301 or less per month

50% of Mexicans earn MXN $5,301 per month
Most Mexican workers earn very little - Edgar Garrido/REUTERS
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Half of the Mexican workers earn up to two minimum salaries, that is, they earn up to MXN $5,301 per month, in the best of cases, according to the most recent survey carried out by Inegi.

By 2018's second trimester, the working population in Mexico amounted to 58.8 million, and 27.3 million perceive up to two minimum salary, that is, 50.7% earn MXN $5,301 per month. The number is 34.6% higher than in 2011.

According to disaggregated data, almost 3 million workers don't earn money, as they work with family members or subsistence farm activities. Meanwhile, 8.7 million earn up to MXN $2,650 and 15.3 million who earn more than one and up to two minimum salaries, which represents the majority of the labor market, with 28.4%.

The majority of the workers who register an income of up to two minimum salaries is between 30 and 49 years old, a total of 11 million; followed by young people between 15 and 29, 9 million in total; meanwhile 7.3 million are older than 50 years.

The state that registers the highest number of people with low income is the State of Mexico, with 3.8 million workers who earn up to two minimum salaries and make up 50.1% of the working population.

It's followed by Veracruz, with 2 million people and 63% of working population; Puebla with 1.8 million and 66%; Mexico City with 1.7 million and 40%; and Jalisco with 1.5 million and 42%; also Chiapas, with 1.5 million, with 80%, the biggest proportion among all the states.

Only 23.6% or 6.4 million people who earn up to two minimum salaries work in the formal sector, while 76.4% work in the informal sector. This means that, besides having a low income, they don't have access to health care or benefits.

The informal workers make up to 30.5 million, 56.6% of the working population.

14.8 million work in the informal sector, a 4.7% annual increase, and makes up 27.4% of the working population. And 7.6 million work in companies, the government, and institutions; 5.9 million work in farming; and 2.2 million in domestic services.

The unemployed population amounts to 1.9 million during 2018's second trimester, similar to the last trimester.


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