AMLO's Investigation on the State of Mexico

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador, leader of MORENA party (File Photo/EL Universal)
English 01/08/2017 10:00 Mexico City OPINION: Under Reserve Actualizada 10:00

AMLO's investigation on the State of Mexico

Our sources say that Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), leader of far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) will tackle once more the issue of the elections in the State of Mexico. This native of Tabasco is about to present the results of an investigation, we're told, conducted by economists and political experts, scholars who aim to prove the alleged electoral fraud of ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the State of Mexico. The results will be presented as evidence before the electoral authorities, and MORENA will be able to prove that in five districts of the State of Mexico – considered the poorest in the rural areas, with high violence rates and severe immigration issues – is where this electoral fraud took place. When will he present his investigation? It seems he hasn't set the date.

Key Players to Remove PRI Restraints

Three Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) members have been appointed to lead the most important meeting of the 22nd National Assembly of the party; the meeting where a project will be launched to remove the “restraints” of the next PRI candidate to the Presidency of the Republic. Restraints that are the result of 10 years of party affiliation and having held a popular election post. According to our sources, this statutory board will be presided by Federal Legislator from Yucatán, Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, joined by Senator Emilio Gamboa Patrón and Parliament Coordinator in San Lázaro, legislator César Camacho, all who have been given the task to make the meeting engaging, ensure it is held in harmony and order, and that there will be general compliance with the agreements reached thereto.

Law on Internal Security is Released

The Congress of the Union finally reached an agreement to free the Law on Internal Security for the Mexican Armed Forces. Our sources claim a group of deputies and senators of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the conservative National Action Party (PAN) got together and, it seems, they have concluded the drafting of this new law, which the Mexican Armed Forces have so desperately requested. According to the Senators consulted, an agreement has been reached to pass this law at the Chamber of Deputies – as it was initially expected – during the first days of September. It's precisely in this so-called month of the Motherland (mes de la patria) when, amidst several celebrations – such as the heroic deed of the Boy Heroes (Niños Héroes), the festivity of El Grito (Mexican Shout) and the military parade on September 16 – the leaders of the Army, General Salvador Cienfuegos, and the Navy, Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón, happen to meet with the Congress leaders, who owed them this legislative debt. It appears they will finally be able to tell the high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces that their debt is settled.

Solemn Session at UNAM

A most deserved and sui generis event will take place tomorrow at the University City (CU, in Spanish) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM): historian Miguel León Portilla, an emeritus researcher of the UNAM, will be awarded the Ph.D. Honoris Causa by the University of Seville, Spain. Mr. Miguel was unable to travel to Sevillian soil due to his old age. According to our sources, this situation prompted an infrequent decision in the academic world: a portion of the Sevillan university staff, headed by their Rector, Miguel Ángel Castro Arroyo, has traveled to Mexico City to grant the Ph.D. to León Portilla, professor of professors, and one of the most translated authors. This solemn session, we're told, will be performed according to the protocols of the University of Seville. And, of course, the best of the best of the UNAM will be in attendance, starting with Rector Enrique Graue, emeritus professors, and former rectors of the university. Congratulations, Mr. Miguel León Portilla!