AMLO protects Salgado

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Rigoberto Salgado, Tláhuac Governor (YADÍN XOLALPA/ EL UNIVERSAL)
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AMLO protects Salgado

The national leadership of National Regeneration Party (MORENA) – the political circle closest to Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) – and the Delegation governors of Mexico City are preparing to support Tláhuac Governor, Rigoberto Salgado, after it became public that the delegation was under the control of criminal gang leader, Felipe de Jesús Pérez, El Ojos, and that Mr. Rigoberto had alleged ties with the gang's local drug trade. We're told the MORENA members will do whatever it takes to keep Salgado in power, despite the complaints of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the conservative National Action Party (PAN) at the Congress of the Union. Additionally, AMLO's party has refused to open a case against Mr. Rigoberto before the Honor and Justice Commission. No doubt AMLO is ready to fight tooth and nail for the Tláhuac Governor.

Senate kicks Austerity to the Curb

What ever happened to austerity? That's the one-million dollar question at the Senate after a report was made public regarding the travel expenses of the legislators. The Chamber made known a report of the international trips during the first quarter of 2017, revealing an expenditure of 6.7 millions of Mexican pesos in flight tickets and travel expenses. Our sources say this amount represents an increase of two million 700 thousand Mexican pesos in comparison to the first quarter of 2016 – when senators justified international travel expenses for an amount of four million Mexican pesos...for 15 trips overseas. It seems our legislators purchased a first-class ticket to austerity. Bon voyage!

Trouble in Paradise

As it always happens, when a couple is in love everything is perfect, but when they hit the rocks, all the defects and differences surface. This is the case between the political marriage between the Green Party (PVEM) and the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). According to our sources, the National Executive Committee requested the State Committee in Veracruz to revert the penalization of cockfights and bullfights in the entity with a counter-reform, despite this action going against the PVEM's values, in addition to promoting animal cruelty. In this case, ideology is above any political alliance, which is why they won't support the PRI legislators which approved this law last Tuesday. And they will even seek to revoke it. Far behind are the days when love was in the air between the PRO and the PVEM. Will there be a divorce?

The feast of Barbosa

Those around Senator Miguel Barbosa clearly never go hungry. Our sources say Mr. Miguel opened his wallet to pay for the dinner and breakfast of former National Regeneration Party (MORENA) candidate Delfina Gómez, and her supporters, who were protesting outside the Mexican Senate, demanding an election recount in the State of Mexico. We're told the senator didn't buy them chiles en nogada, a typical dish quite popular at his household, but he did offer several typical dishes, such as the famous tamale tortas.


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