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Exhibition of Cristina Kahlo in Mexico

The abstract photography of architecture and objects
Courtesy of INBA
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The abstract approach of Cristina Kahlo will be the protagonist of her first individual exhibition at the Studio Museum of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

A statement from the National Institue of Fine Arts (INBA) in Mexico highlights that the importance of the exhibition is to focus on some of the aspects the artist has explored: architectural and abstract photography and installation.

The exhibition Cristina Kahlo. The Concrete. Architectural and Abstract Photography offers a particular perspective on architecture as a source of photographic inquiry, and focuses in a series of buildings that aren't explicitly represented, yet still have a presence due to the framing of the photographs.

The exhibition will comprise images of several objects, shapes, elements, and compositions which are at the core of abstract photography and aim to show fragments unrecognizable at first sight, proposing the reinterpretation of the things we observe.

Cristina Kahlo. The Concrete is divided into five thematic concepts which propose to the viewer a walk along recognizable geometric shapes (circles, curves, triangles, and squares) that, in turn, offer a different approach to the manner in which we interpret the geometry found in everyday objects and the architecture of where we live.

The exhibition, comprising 89 photographs and installations, will be open to the public from July 27 at 19:30hrs., all through October 29.


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