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Another EL UNIVERSAL journalist threatened

A threat from criminal groups operating in Mexico City has been made against another journalist of this dairy. First were the mafias of dispossession of buildings and small-scale traffickers that intimidated columnist Héctor de Mauleón. Now it was an organization that handles the sale of drugs within the premises of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) against reporter David Fuentes. Since March, our journalist began an investigation on the operation of the Tláhuac Cartel de in UNAM and he found through his journalistic work, and with data from federal authorities, that the cell sells all kinds of drugs in the place known as El Fronton, with gains that fluctuate Between 100 thousand and 150 thousand pesos per day. It was also discovered that surveillance and administrative employees act as hawk eyes to alert traffickers. Then the threat came, and with the support of EL UNIVERSAL, Fuentes filed a complaint before the Special Prosecutor's Office for Crimes Against the Freedom of Expression (FEADLE) of the Attorney General's Office (PGR). Today, the federal and university authorities are warned.

A strong coffee for the Bicameral

Someone bring a strong coffee to the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) deputy Waldo Fernández González, president of the Bicameral Committee of National Security of the Congress, to see if he wakes up. Columnist and collaborator to this dairy Alejandro Hope reminded Mr. Waldo that he heads the instance that has enough powers of inspection to review the contracts that the National Security and Investigation Center (CISEN), the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) signed with NSO, company that made the espionage software Pegasus, which journalists and activists claim was used to try to intervene their communications. The Bicameral Commission appears as the ideal body to investigate the case, otherwise, the government would be investigating the government itself - oh! - and experience indicates that in these cases there may be a high probability of impunity. In addition, some of those affected have denounced the alleged espionage before PGR, however, it is the procurator's office one of the three agencies that owns the software in question and therefore one that could have used it to intervene the telephones. Wake up Deputy Fernandez, you could make a difference!

FEPADE after three former governors

Very proud are the investigators of the Prosecutor's Office of Electoral Crimes (FEPADE), in charge of Santiago Nieto, because of the investigations against former ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) governors. We are told that in recent months FEPADE has made a difference with other administrations, with requests for two arrest warrants against Javier Duarte and César Duarte. Currently, we are told, the prosecution files the case against the former governor of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge. So, we were explained that these are political blows against the institution that works for what comes next year: the presidential election. By the way, we are ahead, it is just a matter of hours for a federal court to resolve the apprehension request of FEPADE against César Duarte, information you learned through our pages.

Poker of PRI bad guys

In addition to the three governors - the two Duartes and Borge who face criminal matters for alleged acts of corruption - there is another head who can complete the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) poker - although the party will claim that they have expelled him or suspended his rights. Which is the other card with the face of corruption? The character to complete the PRI game, we are told, is Nayarit Governor, Roberto Sandoval, who has a large file that includes his close relationship with his comrade, former prosecutor Edgar Veytia, arrested and prosecuted for drug trafficking in the United States. The chances that Mr. Roberto doesn't have a good ending are many and people at PRI are getting ahead of this and laying the ground: first, dissociate themselves from the possible wrong behaviors of Mr. Roberto and then, start the investigations themselves and possibly expel and punish him. Poker of bad guys!


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