18 | SEP | 2019
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Criminal justice personnel investigated for kidnapper's escape

Mexico City
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The two escapees broke windows and bars with hammers, causing a big noise that should have been heard by the authorities.

The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico began an investigation into the escape of kidnappers Agustín Miranda Orozco and Roberto Sánchez Ramírez, del Reclusorio Oriente, in this case involving prison guards Juan Casados Gutiérrez and Jesús Peña Cid, as well as personnel from the area they broke into when escaping.

According to the first investigations, they broke windows and bars with heavy hammers, causing a big noise that should have been heard by the workers in the archive area of the Reclusorio Norte federal prison.

Also, prison guards Casados and Peña Cid broke all security protocols with dangerous prisoners when they removed their cuffs and left them in a tunnel area, where they took the chance to change their clothes and escape.

The authorities began a manhunt for Miranda Orozco and Sánchez Ramírez in the State of Mexico and neighboring Mexico City, and called for the collaboration of the population.

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