More leads in case of Mexican voters info on Amazon: Córdova

The President of the National Elections Institute said that the electronic fingerprint corresponding to the list has been identified.

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English 25/04/2016 19:56 Carina García Mexico City Actualizada 21:09
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The President Counselor of the National Elections Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova Vianello, reported that the electronic fingerprint that corresponds to the Mexican voters list recently detected on Amazon has been identified.


That would mean that sanctions could be imposed after the most recent scandal with voter databases in the country.


The agency, he said, will act with "all the severity of the case" because leaking data from millions of Mexican voters hurts the democratic system.


During a meeting of the General Executive Board of the INE, Córdova Vianello said that the institute and the Federal Register of Electors (RFE) "allowed us to identify the electronic fingerprint that corresponded to the electoral register that was published" on Amazon.


The data comes from a list presented on February 15, 2015, to the political parties and the identification "will allow us to proceed according to the law and with no doubts for the imposition of sanctions," Córdova Vianello said.


He added that the information remains "shielded".

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