17 | NOV | 2019
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Trump ignores the reality of Mexico: Sánchez Jiménez

Alberto Morales
Mexico City
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The Vice President of the Mexican Senate agrees that Trump's comments have damaged the bilateral relationship.

The Vice President of the Mexican Senate, Luis Sánchez Jiménez, agreed with President Enrique Peña Nieto in calling the positions of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump as something damaging to the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

"This time, I agree with the (President). It seems to me that Donald Trump is a person who's ignorant of the reality of Mexicans. I suppose that his advisers have not told him about the reality of this country," expressed Sánchez Jiménez.

Peña Nieto, in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, said that Trump's positions come from ignorance, meaning that his contempt for the country is because he doesn't know it of its inhabitants.

Sánchez Jiménez warned there is a risk in case Trump becomes the presidential candidate for the GOP. "Therefore, Mexican men and women must be on alert. I agree with Peña Nieto".

Faced with this scenario, the senator from the leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party said that the Mexican government must promote an information campaign toward the United States, especially to Mexican Americans.

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