17 | NOV | 2019
Banderas is visiting Mexico. (Photo: AP)

Banderas tells Trump to go build the wall himself

Janet Mérida
Mexico City
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"I do not think that anyone will help him," said the Spanish actor.

Antonio Banderas shows that he is deeply moved by the situation in Mexico, with his voice breaking and tears threatening to show in his eyes.

Banderas has had a deep relationship with Mexico, to the point of filming various movies and even playing legendary revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, and he is particularly hurt by the declarations of Republican hopeful Donald Trump against Mexicans.

"He will have to build his wall alone, brick by brick. I don't think that anyone in Mexico will help him as he says," expressed the Spanish actor before a round of applause in the press conference announcing the Starlite Gala, a philanthropic platform he is bringing to Mexico.

The actor also spoke of the changes in Hollywood since he arrived there 25 years ago, under the threat to be called only for villain roles because of his Latino status.

“Hollywood is currently inconceivable without Latinos. That's a fact. We are no longer a trend. This is current reality and evolution will continue. There is no other way," expressed Banderas.

Banderas also spoke about the award he will receive at the Guadalajara Film Festival, and promised to continue his labor in favor of the education of children through his foundation Lágrimas y Favores.

"We actors love in a world that maybe is not totally real. Hollywood is a lie ... You travel around and see a lot of things and you feel that you have the moral and ethical obligation to do something about it," Banderas said.

Banderas has been an ambassador for the United National and has worked with children hospitals and other institutions.

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