América defeats Chivas

Águilas had the upper hand, with a 2-1 score.

(Photo: Imago7)
English 14/03/2016 00:09 César Huerta Ortiz Guadalajara, Jalisco Actualizada 00:09
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In an agonizing game, the true "Classic" of Mexican soccer, always with controversies regarding the labor of the referees, Águilas América defeated the local Chivas Guadalajara by a score of 2-1.

The final score was a stark contrast with the start of the game, with Chivas going for broke and América hardly doing anything.

But in the 16 minute, Isaac Brizuela seemingly defeats goalie Hugo González and scores for Chivas. But referee Fernando Guerrero is silent, as well as the other referees.

The fans of Chivas, almost filling the stadium, are already celebrating and begin to protest until second referee Alejandro Ayala validates the score. Then, after a harsh protest by America's Rubens Sambueza, he seems to change his mind.

The score is invalidated due to an off-side that is not visible to everybody, but the referees. The game is tainted from now on.

Carlos Darwin Quintero then manages to break Chivas's goalie Rodolfo Cota and scores the first goal for Águilas on the 48.

Chivas is seemingly drained and unable to keep Águilas from scoring again on the 59, thanks to Oribe Peralta.

Finally, on the 69, Paolo Goltz fouls Omar Bravo and he scores on a headshot.

But Chivas is already emotionally broken and even with seven extra minutes is unable to tie the game.

And so, with controversies and all, the winner is Águilas América.

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