Mexico City reacts to cyclists deaths

Blunt sanctions against the owners of the vehicles involved.

A series of deaths of cyclists in Mexico City point out at the problem faced by alternative transportation in the metropolitan area. (Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 29/11/2015 18:34 Penelope Aldaz/Mexico City Actualizada 18:46
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The head of the Trafic Department of Mexico City, Héctor Serrano, warned that public transportation concessions will be removed in response to a series of deaths of cyclists on which cargo and passenger vehicles have been involved.

A "more forceful action" is required in these cases, he said.

"It is better to act in a civilized manner, because we are going to begin this process to remove the concessions and, obviously, we will not give a concession to those involved in this sort of accident," he said.

So far this year, 18 cyclists deaths have been recorded in the city, the most recent just yesterday, when a young rider was hit by a trailer.

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