'La Dictadura Perfecta' wins award in Biarritz

Director Luis Estrada won the Audience Award at the Latin American Film Festival.

Luis Estrada during the promotion of the movie. (Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
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Mexican film "La Dictadura Perfecta" (The Perfect dictatorship) won the Audience Award at the XXIV edition of the Latin American Film Festival of Biarritz, while Rodrigo Pla's "Un monstruo de mil Cabezas" (A monster with a thousand heads) won the Jury Award.

Estrada's film, presented by the director in the spa town of Biarritz, in the southwest of France, was the clear favorite to win the Audience Award.

In its two projections, the satirical movie, which sold 4.5 million tickets in Mexico, generated laughs and praise from the audience, which far exceeded a thousand spectators in its last screening on Friday night.

In the meantime, "Un monstruo ... " won the award presented by the judge panel headed by Argentine writer Alan Pauls.

The film, which tells the story of a desperate woman in war with a medical insurance company, will be released in France in 2016, and it was also well received by the audiences.

This is the second award in Biarritz for a film directed by Pla, an Uruguayan based in Mexico.

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