Little Grace will receive her first dose of Cannabis-based medicine

The case of Grace opens the door for the therapy of other 200 kids in Mexico.

The girl is afflicted by the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. (Photo: Taken from Reuters video)
English 19/10/2015 17:50 Dennis A. García Mexico City Actualizada 17:50
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Young girl Graciela Elizalde, who suffers from the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, will receive tomorrow the first dose of a treatment based on a compound found on cannabis, opening the possibility of having other 200 kids receiving the same medicine.

Non-governmental organizations like the Mexico United Against Crime organization and the Strategic Center for Social Impact, as well as the Aguinaco attorneys firm are supporting the fight of her parents to get the legal entry of the medication in Mexico.

They mentioned that the case Graciela opens the door to give a similar treatment to other children in the country, at least 200 according to their investigations.

Fernando Ramos, lawyer of Mexico United Against Crime, pointed out that the importation of the cannabis cannabis-based drug was made possible by the authorization of a federal judge.

"It is important to enter into the debate to change the drug policies. Fortunately, the importation can effectively change the life of Graciela," he said.

He called for civil society to get involved politically in order to change the situation on the medical use of drugs.

The father of Graciela, Raúl Elizalde, expressed that he was happy because it is another step towards changing a complicated situation and "we already have the treatment for my daughter".

"I am filled with great hope because we already have the treatment and now we have to win the appeal to get Graciela the right to be healthy," he said.

He added that now it's a time for a change in laws that are "somewhat absurd."

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