Mancera supports analysis of cannabis use

The proposal comes at the right time, expressed the Mayor of Mexico City.

Mancera thinks that the previous considerations on medical uses are important as a basis. (Photo: SPECIAL)
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The Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, expressed that the initiative to legalize cannabis for entertainment purposes should be considered because there is a "black box" on the subject.

"What I have always maintained about it is that there is a black box. What is the black box? Well, Mexico has legalized the possession of drugs in specific amounts, but what remains forbidden is to sell it.

"Then, people has access to the drug, but the question is how would they get it? That has to be analyzed," expressed Miguel Ángel Mancera.

In comments to the press, Mancera pointed out that the legalization proposal was just for medical and not recreational usage, as it is currently under consideration by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN).

"What we saw then was a medical task. They are now speaking about recreational purposes. That is a different thing, but it seems to me that what was already working from a medical point of view is important because, I repeat, there is a 'black box'. On the one hand it is legalized and on the other it is forbidden. It has to be analyzed, I believe that the analysis is appropriate," he reiterated.

On this regard, he pointed out that the Mexican Congress must act on the subject.

"This is a federal task ... This initiative should be taken up by this legislature in the Chamber of Representatives," expressed the Mayor.

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