Catholic Church criticizes authorities for El Chapo's escape

It shows the inefficiency of the authorities.

The modded bike used for the escape. (Photo: Archive/AP)
English 19/07/2015 20:52 Astrid Rivera Actualizada 20:55

The Catholic Church criticized the Ministry of the Interior for the "shameful escape" of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán and said that it shows its inefficiency.

In an editorial entitled "Superministry (Supersecretaría)" the Arch-Diocese of Mexico expressed that the reform of 2012 left the Ministry of the Interior "denatured for the imposition of efficient criteria, confusing a political agency with a police apparatus."

"The recent events in security, meaning the shameful escape of one of the most renown criminals, are putting into doubt the validity of such reform and the centralization of functions in an agency in charge of governing the interior," expressed the editorial published on the "Desde la Fe" Catholic weekly.