Protest at Hidalgo Congress over animal abuse at +Kota store

The activists, headed by the leader of the NGO Biofutura, want animal abuse to be considered a crime punishable with jail in the state.

Dinorath Mota / EL UNIVERSAL
English 25/06/2015 19:13 Dinorath Mota / Corresponsal Actualizada 19:13

Around 50 people headed by Jonatan Job Morales García, leader of the NGO Biofutura, protested at Hidalgo Congress to demand that animal abuse is considered a crime punishable with prison.

A bill had already been presented by PAN congressman Guillermo Galland Guerrero after a dog was abused in Tula, but the Congress has not discussed it yet.

Yesterday a video showed employees of the pet store Maskota beating a chihuahua dog and kicking a hamster.

The store was closed after the abuses came to light, and the animals are expected to be taken to a park in Pachuca.

Maskota filed a complaint against the employees involved in the scandal, even though they are not expected to be punished harshly because animal abuse is not criminalized in the state. 

The owner and founder of Maskota, Murry Tawil, said that one of the two employees that abused animals was beaten by an angry mob and added that closed-circuit cameras will be installed in the stores apart from strengthening the recruitment process.