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Will Mexican cartels turn into insurgent groups?
In 2019, violent incidents such as Culiacán, the LeBarón massacre, and other crimes shocked Mexico
Mexican children are being robbed of their infancy and innocence
The country is a place where the promises made during electoral campaigns are forgotten and where the reorganization of security forces is useless
After Torreón shooting, video games to be reclassified in Mexico
Video games will be reclassified, regulated, and even eliminated from the market if they promote or contain violent content
Mexico suffered its worst year for homicides in 2019, with a record 34,582 victims
Authorities find 10 burnt bodies in Chilapa, Guerrero
Local police made the macabre discovery on a country road in Chilapa de Álvarez, Guerrero
Mexico’s government is failing to tackle escalating violence
Human Rights Watch has said the violence that has pushed homicide rates to record highs in Mexico shows no signs of progress
Mexican athlete Martín Loera was killed in Ciudad Juárez
The runner was shot dead while he was in a shopping mall in Ciudad Juárez
U.S. arrests two suspects linked to the LeBarón massacre
In early November, suspected drug cartel gunmen shot dead nine victims of the LeBarón family in a daytime attack as they were traveling by car in the northern state of Sonora
Mexican radio host Fidel Ávila found dead in Michoacán
Fidel Ávila went missing in late November in the Mexican state of Guerrero
Cieneguillas, a Mexican prison subdued by crime
The medium-security prison located in the Mexican state of Zacatecas has inmates linked to Los Zetas, the Gulf Cartel, the Northeast Cartel, and the Sinaloa Cartel, as well as to the crime groups known as Los Paisas and Los Talibanes