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Sighting of vaquitas brings hope to the endangered species
Six specimens of vaquita were seen during an expedition that took place from August 19th to September 3rd
10 secret spots in Sayulita, the hippie chic town in Nayarit, Mexico
Traditional food, folk arts, nature; there is so much to discover in the town of Sayulita in Nayarit, Mexico!
5 new reefs discovered in the Gulf of Mexico
The five ecosystems are located in the seas of Veracruz and cover a surface of more than 1,100 hectares
Sulfuric acid spill was bigger than declared
Last week, Grupo México spilled a significant amount of sulfuric acid into the Sea of Cortés. Although they reported the spill was of 3,000 liters of the acid, their reports and times do not match, suggesting that the spill was bigger than declared
Activists denounce death of sea species
After the spill of 3 thousand liters of sulfuric acid in the Sea of Cortés by Grupo México, dozens of species have been found dead and many others are in danger
Sayulita, 15 things to do in this Magic Town
The Magic Town of Sayulita has a lot of amazing places to visit and fun activities to do. Come visit!
Grupo México spills sulfuric acid into the sea
In 2014, the company spilled a poisonous substance into the Sonora river
Giant squid spotted in the Gulf of Mexico
This is the second time a giant squid has been captured on camera in its deepwater habitat
Yucatán inhabitants build walls along the beach to keep locals away
According to neighbors, this wall would “privatize” a part of the beach, which is illegal
5 species threatened by the illegal wildlife trade
The illegal sea animals trade is one of the main reasons behind the loss of biodiversity in the country